Bio Pellets (EN+ A1 & BSL) - OUT OF STOCK - Dispatch 13/12

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66 bags pallet, 990Kg in total. 

We have a new product to offer our customers in the form of the Simply Bio Pellets. These are high-quality products from Austria. 

This product is accredited by EN+ and is BSL authorised which are printed on the bag and have excellent reviews. 

Key Data 

  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable fuel
  • High heating value (4,8 kWh/kg or 18 MJ/kg)
  • Long-term price stability compared to fossil fuels.
  • Highly developed production technology ensures consistent quality levels.
  • Ease of operation and user-friendliness compared to oil heating systems.
  • Simply Bio Pellets do not contain any synthetic or chemical binding agents.
  • The combustion of Simply Bio Pellets creates a minimum of residual ash (< 0.5%).
  • After the combustion of Simply Bio Pellets, the ash can be used as fertiliser.


I am very satisfied with the quality of the pellet offered.

Good combustion, low ash volume

Perfect delivery. Organic pellet with good calorie yield. THANK YOU


As the U.K. is experiencing unprecedented distress in regard to the supply chain, we have noticed that delivery times in some areas of the country can be unpredictable.
We advise all customers to order their pellets supply well in advance in order to minimise disruptions

  • Please note we can guarantee curb-side only deliveries.
    It is at the discretion of the driver to deliver anywhere else other than curbside.
  • Due to recent changes in regulations from the pallet-network, we can not dispatch full pallets on 7.5T trucks (65 bags pallets and above).
  • If a small vehicle (7.5T) is needed please order a 50 bags pallet or call us on 056 0385 5710.
  • If a small vehicle (7.5T) is needed please specify it in the order notes.
  • 70 bags pallet requires the use of a forklift to be offloaded.

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