Bio Pellets - ENplus A1 & BSL

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We have a new product to offer our customers in the form of the Simply Bio Pellets. These are high-quality products from Austria. 

This product is accredited by EN+ and is BSL authorised which are printed on the bag and have excellent reviews. 

Key Data 

  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable fuel
  • High heating value (4,8 kWh/kg or 18 MJ/kg)
  • Long-term price stability compared to fossil fuels.
  • Highly developed production technology ensures consistent quality levels.
  • Ease of operation and user-friendliness compared to oil heating systems.
  • Simply Bio Pellets do not contain any synthetic or chemical binding agents.
  • The combustion of Simply Bio Pellets creates a minimum of residual ash (< 0.5%).
  • After the combustion of Simply Bio Pellets, the ash can be used as fertiliser.


I am very satisfied with the quality of the pellet offered.

Good combustion, low ash volume

Perfect delivery. Organic pellet with good calorie yield. THANK YOU


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