Economy Wood Pellets

Economy Wood Pellets

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Economy Wood Pellets are our latest product providing support for those who need a discounted product. 

Suitable for: Biomass Fuel, Horse Bedding, Cat Litter - Please ensure that you utilize the correct VAT rate for your order. For VAT information click here

  • Free Delivery to most UK Postcodes
  • Rapid absorption saves time and money
  • Low Moisture content 

    Technical Specification

    Moisture  4.8%
    Ash 1%
    Durability 98.8%
    Net Calorific Value 17.3 Mj/kg
    Gross Calorific Value 18.6Mj/kg


    Suitable for Domestic Pellet Boilers, Converted Home Fires & Outdoor Space Heaters

    Our Economy Wood Pellets are an economical fuel suitable for domestic biomass boilers, it meets the standards of premium fuel, with cost savings passed on to the customer by using a clear bag. Value Wood Pellets are a dense, high calorific wood fuel with which only a handful can provide heat for hours. Traditionally used in pellet boilers, these will also work in wood-based patio heaters. 


    Suitable for Horse Bedding, Cat Litter

    Our wood pellet bedding is much more absorbent than wood shavings; urine is soaked up rapidly and the wet spot is confined. This means it is easy and quick to remove so pelleted bedding lasts longer than other types, saving you time and money. Unlike hardwood pellets, they are absolutely safe for your horse. The dust content is less than 0.5% because our pellets undergo dust extraction before packaging. They also have a lovely piney aroma that horses love. 

    Update to Delivery Policy for COVID-19

    We would like our customers to know we are still dispatching each morning. As a key supplier for fuel and animal welfare, we will deliver as long as possible. 

    Drivers will no longer take signatures on deliveries, and if the customer is not present the item will be left on site. 

    If there are any special instructions please make sure they are on your order notes, the driver will maintain 2m distance at all times so, therefore, you can also shout instructions if needed. 


    • Please note we can guarantee curb-side only deliveries.
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    • Due to recent changes in regulations from the pallet-network, we can not dispatch full pallets on 7.5T trucks (65 bags pallets and above).
    • If a small vehicle (7.5T) is needed please order a 50 bags pallet or call us on 056 0385 5710.
    • If a small vehicle (7.5T) is needed please specify it in the order notes.
    • 70 bags pallet requires the use of a forklift to be offloaded.

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